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Patricia Kelleher

It all started when I was two years old, found a pair of scissors and decided to cut my hair. From there I was cutting my dolls hair, my family and friends hair and experimenting with every kind of hair color. I received my cosmetology license in 1989 in New Jersey, and ever since it has been a journey.

Over the past twenty years I received a degree in accounting as well as a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). I have had the pleasure of working in major corporations, but I kept coming back to my first love and passion. I received a cut and color certification from Vidal Sassoon in Santa Monica, California and was a color educator for Schwarzkopf. I worked in the best salons in New Jersey. In 1999 I moved to Palm Beach Gardens and once again pursued an accounting career. Still not living my bliss and finding complete happiness within the accounting world, I once and for all decided to retire and follow my passion. I have embraced my many years in business and beauty, I now can apply it to my own vision.

In my 30’s I started to suffer hair loss. While trying to find a solution internally, I decided to get hair extensions and use a hair piece. This changed my life. I once again found my self-esteem return. No longer did I think everyone was looking at my hair and wondering what was wrong with me. Instead I found I was not only receiving compliments on my hair, but most people thought I was much younger as well. I was once again excited when I woke up and looked in the mirror, no more dread of what to do with my hair daily. I knew I had to share this with other women, so I received different certifications to do patented methods of hair extensions and hair pieces. Today I now have a beautiful wig boutique to help women with all levels of hair loss![/span]

I have found that hair loss is caused by many different factors, but the main reason for hair loss in this country is lack of proper nutrition; meaning minerals and vitamins. I have personally worked with nutritionists and continue to study what it is we need to treat hair loss from the inside. I have also, studied the effectiveness of lasers and hair loss. I am proud to be one of the only salons in the area to offer “Low Level Laser Hair Therapy”. This treatment is amazing; results are quick, safe and effective. I am dedicated to treat my clients not only on the outside, but to offer treatments for the actual problem that is causing hair loss.

Another facet of study that I have enjoyed and found life changing is the healing arts. I have enjoyed studying many aspects of healing modalities and have shared them with many others throughout the years. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to touch a life and see it heal and prosper.

With everything I have been gifted to experience I knew it was finally time to fulfill a life- long dream of having my own beauty business. I now know my mission is to help others CONNECT THEIR OUTER BEAUTY WITH THEIR INNER BEAUTY. I truly look forward to the rest of my journey and hope that you may be a part of it.

With much Light and Love,

Patricia Kelleher

Sabrina Matheny

I have always had a passion for beauty and fashion. I am lucky to have been born and raised in the mecca of beauty and fashion……Manhattan. I was also very fortunate to have attended the High School of Fashion Industries where I discovered my love for aesthetics and art. However, when I decided to go to college I ditched my artistic side and went for a more practical degree and I received a Bachelors degree in psychology. I joined corporate America and as I worked my way through the corporate maze I still daydreamed about being an artist. But I did have a small outlet and that was hair! During this time I was the go to “hair girl”, for my family and friends and I was always excited to style their hair for special occasions and make them feel like a princess for the day. Little did I know, at that time of a horrifying event of starting to lose my own hair would set me off onto the journey of my hair artistry dreams.

When I gave birth to my youngest daughter and I started experiencing my own hair loss. I was scared but determined to find a solution. I started doing my own research to figure out what was happening to me and consulted with my doctor. I found out that my hair loss issues were due to pregnancy but also to hormonal changes. Around this time, I also started experimenting with wigs and hairpieces to hide my thinning areas. I got so good with blending my wigs with my biological hair that friends, family and sometimes even my husband couldn’t tell I was wearing a wig or hairpiece! That’s when I decided to get my license and become a professional stylist. I wanted to share my gift with others and help other women going through hair loss to feel and look their best. As women, hair defines our femininity and the loss of that can lead to depression and serious self-esteem issues. Being able to get that instant gratification of a head full of hair can make that all go away in an instant and that is why I love doing what I do!

Let us CONNECT YOUR OUTER BEAUTY WITH YOUR INNER BEAUTY!   I look forward to bringing out your inner fabulosity!!!

God Bless,

Sabrina Matheny